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Rewards - Avalanche

Rewards by day

Returns net rewards grouped by day.



  • accounts* takes an array of addresses.
  • start* and end* are timestamps (in the format YYYY-MM-DD).


The response is broken down between meta and data :

  • meta
    • network : The name of the network queried.
    • period_unit : The unit of the period field under data : daily here.
  • data : An array of objects, one for each period containing:
    • validator : Returns the validator that distributed the rewards
    • timestamp : The timestamp of the day's start (Midnight UTC).
    • rewards : An array of objects. The formula to compute the final rewards in the currency unit is numeric x 10^(-exp) (text being the string version of this).


  • This API returns rewards for Figment validators only.
  • Data is available approximately an hour after the end of the day or epoch. When requesting daily for the current day, the data will be available but obviously partially complete as the day progresses.
Request (try it)
Example Response
"data": [
"accounts": [
"chain_id": "P",
"rewards": [
"text": "0.278488965 AVAX",
"currency": "AVAX",
"numeric": 278488965,
"exp": 9
"validator": "NodeID-KcCxyypJ5m55f17fbuzkKqeotY64DScum",
"timestamp": "2022-10-07T00:00:00Z"
"meta": {
"network": "avalanche",
"period_unit": "daily"