Get Started With DataHub
Quickstart user guide for DataHub

1. Creating an Account

Step 1: Users are able to sign up on DataHub and select the network they will be building on.
When completed, you will receive an invite link such as:
Step 2: Click on this link and you will be redirected to the DataHub website where you will be redirected to your network’s services page.

2. User Dashboard

Step 1: After logging in, you will see all the services that you are currently subscribed to. In the screenshot below, you can see Celo Alfajores and Mainnet RPC.
Step 2: You are then able to click on the “documentation” button to get more info regarding the integration.

3. Accessing a Network

In this example, we’ll access the Celo Mainnet at https://celo-mainnet.datahub.figment.network/
Step 1: When clicking on the “documentation” button, you will be provided with the URL for this service. This URL should be a drop in replacement for any other full node URL you are currently using with the addition of the DataHub API key to access it.
Step 2: Depending on your setup, there are two ways to use your API key.
You can specify your API key with the Authorization header. Here is an example curl:
curl -H "Authorization: $YOUR_API_KEY" https://celo-mainnet.datahub.figment.io/the/path
Or you can specify your API key as a prefix to the path like, /apikey/YOUR_API_KEY/the/path. If choosing this option, the full path for curl would look like:
Step 3: Documentation for all available endpoints for each network can be found linked within DataHub page for each network.

4. Managing API Keys

Step 1: Each service has a unique API key. When required, a user can rotate the API by clicking the “rotate” button within a service group.
This will display a new “API Key” and also the “Old Key”. To help with a smooth release process, both keys will be valid until the Old Key is removed by clicking the “remove” button.
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