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Rewards Rates API - Solana

API AuthenticationClick to view API Authentication details
API calls require authentication with API key via Authorization request header or URL property. Calls are made to one of the Solana Rewards Rates API endpoints found in your app's dashboard.

For example:

Here's some boilerplate to get you started.
fetch("", {
method: 'POST', // can also be 'GET', 'PUT' or any appropriate method
headers: {
"Authorization" : "<api_key>",
"Content-Type": "application/json" // if method is 'POST'
body: JSON.stringify({
// JSON Payload

Available Methods

SOL Reward Rates

This API returns a time series of daily network-wide annualized staking reward rates, in %.

Request Query (try it)
Example Response
"date": "2022-10-02",
"value": "5.303821"
"date": "2022-10-01",
"value": "5.239139"
"date": "2022-09-30",
"value": "5.587652"
SpecificationView Specification

We aggregate all rewards received by all validators and divide this by the aggregated balances of all validators at the beginning of the period. It includes all rewards, on both consensus and execution layers.

Query Parameters

  • figment (optional): if true is passed we will return the reward rate for Figment validators only. If omitted or any other value is passed we will return the reward rate of the network as a whole.


  • date - Specific date associated with value (staking reward rates).
  • value - Staking reward rates, in %.