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API Reference

Check this table to see which APIs are supported for each Protocol. Click the name of the API in the table header to go directly to that API Reference (or use the sidebar links!).

ProtocolNetworkNode typeWebSocketsNode APITransaction Search APIStaking APIStaking API WebhooksRewards APIRewards Rates APIValidator API
ArbitrumMainnetFull & Archive------
AvalancheMainnet, TestnetArchive---
BNBMainnetFull & Archive------
CeloMainnet, TestnetArchive------
CosmosMainnetFull & Archive-----
EthereumMainnet, TestnetFull & Archive-
FantomMainnetFull & Archive------
KusamaMainnetFull & Archive------
MinaMainnet, TestnetFull & Archive-------
NEARMainnet, TestnetFull & Archive---
OptimismMainnetFull & Archive------
OsmosisMainnetFull & Archive-------
PolkadotMainnet, TestnetFull & Archive--
PolygonMainnet, TestnetFull & Archive-----
SolanaMainnet, DevnetFull & Archive--